Home Improvement

GSeay, Inc. has the trained and qualified staff to meet your needs.  Our vast expertise in alterations and additions allows us to help guide each owner through the construction process.  We provide solutions to unforeseen conditions that typically arise with most any renovation.  GSeay self performs a myriad of trades to help ensure both quality and timeliness. From design to completion, we have the relationships with architects, tradesmen and vendors to work as a team to provide the best “bang for your buck” on your project.  

Insurance Claims

GSeay, Inc. has the personnel and knowledge to handle your claim.  Our managers are proficient with a wide array of software used by the insurance industry to assess, evaluate and estimate the cost of repairs.  Our staff knows how to talk to insurance companies.  One of the major services we provide for our clients is to ensure the insurance adjusters are paying the necessary costs to properly reconstruct your facility.  Our crews will rebuild the project, working with the insurance company and you every step of the way.  Whether your damage is a result of – 

New Construction

Preconstruction preparation for new construction is essential for a successful project.  Unlike a renovation project where unforeseen conditions can rule the day, new construction requires a strict adherence to the drawings, specifications, submittals, and schedule.  From start to finish, preplanning and attention to detail is a must.  GSeay, Inc. has a well-established relationship with our subcontractors and design professionals.  We work with building officials, architectural and engineering firms throughout Florida to get through the permitting process as quickly as possible.  Our team approach to our projects provides the quality our clients expect in a timely manner.

Facilities Maintenance

Our managers have worked with facilities directors and property managers throughout the state.  We provide preventative maintenance services as well as repair work for various types of buildings and facilities.  Our knowledge and experience provide valuable services to our clients that help identify problems before they occur, mitigating unnecessary downtime and costly repairs.  Our approach to maintenance and preventative care helps to extend the lifespan of our client’s assets and keeps them functioning properly. 

Design Build

GSeay, Inc. is well versed in the design / build process.  Members of our team have managed design / build projects for large multi-national companies, major theme parks, colleges, office/retail, law enforcement and more.   We are a team player and as such we work well with owners, architects, engineers and building officials to keep projects in budget and on schedule.  Our staff has a reputation of being problem solvers and “outside the box” thinkers, providing alternative methods in the construction process that save time and money.  GSeay understands the value of the design/build process is to save time and manage budgets, let us help you navigate the building process from start to finish so your vision can become reality.  


Our team members have managed the completion of over 75 restaurants throughout Florida.  Our restaurant projects range from chain eateries to high end dining in major theme parks and hotels.  GSeay’s staff has managed renovations to commercial kitchens, equipment, dining areas, bathrooms down to minor code compliance issues.  We also understand what it takes to perform work after normal business hours to preserve business operations so establishments can remain open during renovations.  Restaurants make for an extremely complex project and GSeay has the office and field staff to make your project a success. 

Office / Retail:

Our insight in the office and retail market is second to none.  In the commercial office alteration market members of our team have successfully supervised and managed over 1,000 office / retail projects.  From Fortune 500 Corporate executive office suites to basic office reorganization our experience is vast and varied in the office alteration market.  From major theme parks to strip malls, our retail projects are diverse and impressive. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.


GSseay, Inc. provides general contracting services for the hospitality industry. Our team worked on projects which have included hotels, resorts, to even banquet halls providing a unique atmosphere and experience for guests.