Multi-use Commercial Housing

G Seay Inc. has exhibited knowledge and expertise in the construction and development of multi-use commercial/residential developments. Our team have built shopping centers, multi-family rehab centers as well as apartment complexes. The unique requirements of the project showcase our ability to coordinate and successfully overcome challenges to meet our client’s expectations.


GSI provides general contracting services for the hospitality industry. Our team worked on projects which have included hotels, resorts, to even banquet halls providing a unique atmosphere and experience for guests.


Our team completed multiple projects in the retail and restaurant industry. We offer construction services that are tailored to each specific project such as chain restaurants to one-of-a-kind restaurant. Understanding the challenges and demands are different for each project, our knowledge and experiences demonstrate our ability to successfully deliver.    


Our company provides construction services for the entertainment industry since we are centrally located at the epicenter. Our team has worked on many projects for major theme parks. By creating memorable experiences comes with special challenges and opportunities that we are able to skillfully adapt and overcome those challenges. 

Ground up Construction

Our team provides ground up construction that involves many phases from an undeveloped parcel of land to the completion of a finished building. From our wealth of knowledge and experiences, we are able to anticipate issues that may arise and effectively mitigate the issue. Our close relationship with clients, vendors, architects, subcontractors and city officials, promotes an environment to work efficiently and effectively.

Design Build

Our Design Build solution is a proven most cost-effective approach for the owner by value engineering and creating clear communication and teamwork throughout the project.  We are able to control costs, schedule and design in the early phases of the project. Based on an approved scope of work, we can work together to establish a Guarantee Maximum Price in the preplanning phase of the project. 


GSI renovation team goal is to provide the least impact or disruption to existing environment whether it’s a small interior renovation or a major remodel upon substantial completion of the project. Our proven method of logistics and scheduling provides a seamless transition for our clients, guests or occupants by planning and executing as efficiently as possible.

Metal Buildings and Tilt Wall

Our extensive experience in using heavy machinery provides us the capability to offer a full range of services in constructing metal buildings to fit the client’s needs. Our tilt wall construction gives us the ability to build and control costs and minimize build time. Using precast concrete wall panels than the traditional concrete structure provides advantages of faster build of exterior walls while maintaining quality control at the jobsite. 

Pool Construction

Our pool construction services will include consultation, where you can imagine, design and construct your very own backyard oasis. You can customize water features, steps, lighting as well as tiles for your pool. We can redesign your landscape to transform your backyard.

Mold Remediation

The humidity level in the State of Florida is one of the highest in the country.  We live in one of the wettest climates in the U.S., which can cause our homes and businesses to be more susceptible in developing mold spores. Not all molds are toxic but some can cause very serious health issues. Our team of experts will contain and remove harmful mold and prevent toxic mold from spreading to uninfected areas. We can repair damaged walls or structures to ensure your home or business are safe from mold concerns.