About Us

Our purpose is to listen to our clients, determine their wants and needs, and bring our decades of experience to the table that will provide the best available project that work within established budgets and time frames.  Our staff is diverse with a vast experience of working in some of the toughest project settings, giving us a unique perspective on what it takes to overcome project specific issues and achieve success for our clients.

Build teams. GSeay has more than 30 years experience in the Florida market that has netted an extensive list of architects, engineers, tradesmen and suppliers that have a history of working with our team. Each have teamed up with us on multiple projects and knows what it takes to create a successful project.

Communicate. Communication is the key to success on any project.  Whether it be an interior alteration, exterior renovation or new construction,  GSeay has a reputation of communicating and involving the local building officials in effort to eliminate the surprises due to the code enforcement process.

Work safely. Our staff has a firm commitment towards safety on all projects.  Our corporate culture has established a safety-first mentality.  Every staff member at GSeay, Inc. from the office to the field know the benefits of working safely and the need to ensure that all workers return home at the end of the day to their families.

Problem Solve. The staff at GSeay, Inc. understands the significance of problem solving with multiple viewpoints.  With over 100 years of experience in the construction industry we all come at the same problem differently.  We understand the need for expedient, accurate and critical thinking that help us arrive at the best solution for the project.

Complete.  We know that once the project is complete our staff must convey the proper operations and maintenance requirements to the owner.  That all remaining work items have been completed and signed off, all warranties have been obtained and the owner receives closeout documents properly labelled and organized for the benefit of the owner’s staff.